Unleash your collective intelligence

Our prediction markets let you organize and optimize the collective intelligence of all your communities: employees, clients and partners.

To see farther into the future, make better decisions, innovate more, and boost performance.

Hypermind Storm

Our crowd-ideation platform is designed to elicit, prioritize and evaluate the highest-potential ideas to solve a problem

Hypermind Prescience

Our crowd-forecasting platform consolidates the informed guesswork of many into hard probabilities and actionable insights

Hypermind crowd

Our international panel of champion forecasters delivers the reliable predictions you need to make better decisions

Hypermind Live

Interactive keynotes and workshops with Dr. Emile Servan-Schreiber, to uncover the secrets of collective intelligence

Hypermind also stands for ...

Leadership in prediction markets

More than 20 years of experience helping forward-thinking organizations on every continent tap into the awesome power of their collective intelligence.

Science-based method and algorithms

Our solutions are built on the latest generation of prediction markets and collective intelligence algorithms to extract the most wisdom from crowds.

Satisfied customers worldwide

Businesses, governments, think tanks, media and NGOs exploit our cutting-edge technologies and experience to optimize their forecasts or innovations.

Public prediction contests

Our public prediction contests about geopolitics and business identify and reward the most talented forecasters. The insights of this elite crowd help our clients see farther into the future.

Leaders use all the brains that they have, and all that they can borrow

With Hypermind, unleash your collective intelligence to see farther into the future, make better decisions, innovate more, and boost performance.

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Who can predict the evolution of artificial intelligence?

Hypermind invites you to participate in a grand forecasting contest on the evolution of artificial intelligence with a $30,000 prize...

Crowd-Forecasting Consequences of America’s 2020 Choice

We are challenging our champion forecasters to predict some long-term consequences of the 2020 US presidential election.