The power of collective intelligence

Collective intelligence excels when relevant data is missing in the face of the unknown.

Likewise, the most innovative organizations involve employees company-wide to help generate and filter ideas.

At Hypermind, we call it supercollective intelligence.

Leaders in collective intelligence

More than 20 years of experience helping forward-thinking organizations on every continent tap into the awesome power of their collective intelligence.

Science-based method and tools

Our solutions are built on prediction markets that capture the wisdom of crowds and are grounded in the latest research in the cognitive sciences and behavioural economics.

Satisfied customers worldwide

Businesses, governments, think tanks, media and NGOs exploit our cutting-edge technologies and experience to optimize their forecasts or innovations.

Public prediction market

Our public market about geopolitics and business identifies the most talented forecasters. The insights of this elite panel help our clients see farther into the future.

Leaders use all the brains that they have, and all that they can borrow

With Hypermind, unleash your collective intelligence to see farther into the future, make better decisions, innovate more, and boost performance.

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Our customers


Crowd-Forecasting Consequences of America’s 2020 Choice

We are challenging our champion forecasters to predict some long-term consequences of the 2020 US presidential election.

Hypermind launches the Prescience 2020 Challenge

Faced with unprecedented market uncertainty, our clients turn to the Hypermind panel's collective-intelligence forecasts.

Pandemic Impacts: a prediction market with educational intent

Prof. Scott Page at U. Michigan partners with us to create a prediction market for online classes.