Accurate forecasting with Collective Intelligence

When your models fall short, when your data is scarce, when past trends are no longer relevant, crowd forecasting can help.

Tame uncertainty with our crowd prediction platforms and our panels of champion forecasters.

Gain up to 30 %
forecast accuracy

Outperform traditional methods 70 % of the time

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Our Solutions

Our proprietary forecasting technology consolidates forecasts into hard probabilities.

We optimize forecasts using the latest algorithms to further boost accuracy and bring you reliable insights into your strategic issues.

Borrow the brains of our community of champion forecasters, get accurate predictions in days.

Using our panel is the ideal solution when you have no crowd at your disposal or want outside the box thinking on a complex problem.

Brainstorming for the 21st century: generate more quality ideas, faster.

Our evidence based prioritization method brings out your best and most promising ideas.
Put an end to post-it notes.

20 years of accurate forecasting

Our panel's accuracy on 500 000+ forecasts

Because reality aligns itself with our prediction market’s forecasts, Hypermind can reliably predict the probability of any event, from elections, to GDP, to sales volumes and more.

Hypermind prediction market calibration graph

Each data point in this graph answers the question:
« What is the proportion of events forecasted with probability p that actually occurred? »


probability forecasts


possible answers


forecasting questions on geopolitics, business, and economics

Our evidence based prediction method

We designed our Prescience forecasting platform from a over a decade of scientific collaborations alongside :

This experience means we use the most advanced algorithms to optimize collective forecasts into accurate quantitative probability forecasts and reliable insights.

Think like champion forecasters

See the future more clearly

Learn how collective intelligence can help you predict the future

20 years of research in a 4 part Masterclass

What our clients say about us

Future Africa 2022

The Future of Africa – 2022 predictions

What will happen in West Africa in 2022 ? Le Point Afrique and Hypermind have gathered predictions on the future of Africa and Côte d’Ivoire in particular via a forecasting contest with over 300 participants, and 1600 predictions.

Read More »

Founder's note

Emile Servan-Schreiber Supercollectif

The surest way for a company to spark its ingenuity is less about blindly entrusting providential, over educated, visionary, or ultra-performing individuals and more about harnessing the tacit collective intelligence of collaborators and clients.

Emile Servan-Schreiber

Not satisfied with your current forecasting method ? Let's chat.

Our tried and tested crowd forecasting has helped strategy and innovation departments around the world get a clearer view of their future.

We reduce your uncertainty, so you can make better decisions.

Use Hypermind to forecast:

  • sales volumes,
  • election outcomes,
  • a product’s chances of commercial success,
  • infectious disease outbreaks
  • the future of AI

How Crowd Wisdom helps tame uncertainty

Collective intelligence is most useful when we seek to predict the success of a new product, to pursue a new market, a new distribution channel, or when a familiar market is suddenly disrupted.

Uncover valuable untapped information

Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something.Our forecasting and ideation tools help you gather this precious data, remove noise and bias and get reliable insights into your next strategic decision.

cognitive diversity bonus

Discover unexpected solutions

Generating more solutions means increased chances of a breakthrough.

Our tools tap into the knowledge of the many to leverage their cognitive diversity, for a more complete understanding of complex issues.

Accurate and fast results

Our Prescience prediction market produces reliable forecasts in days, by applying the best practices of the science of crowd forecasting.

Our Storm ideation platform helps you prioritize your best ideas in a matter of hours