Collective Intelligence

Crowd beats top public health experts on Covid-19 forecasting contest

When you need to forecast a complex issue, most people’s first inclination is to ask a domain expert. But is this really a good idea? Evidence from forecasting tournaments in the geopolitical domain has shown that expertise is poorly correlated with forecasting accuracy. Expertise can blind as much as it can enlighten Expertise can blind...
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Hypermind launches the Prescience 2020 Challenge

Faced with unprecedented market uncertainty, our clients turn to the Hypermind panel's collective-intelligence forecasts.
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Pandemic Impacts: a prediction market with educational intent

Prof. Scott Page at U. Michigan partners with us to create a prediction market for online classes.
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Advancing Hybrid Geopolitical Forecasting

As key contributors to IARPA's Hybrid Forecasting Competition, we are helping push the limits of forecasting.
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UM6P School of Collective Intelligence

Hypermind helps launch a new graduate school of collective intelligence at UM6P, in partnership with MIT, NYU, and ENS.
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Making Europe smart again

Recent scientific discoveries about collective intelligence could help make Europe smart again. Here’s how.
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