Our Mission

Established in France and the United States since 2000, we are leading specialists and practitioners in collective and supercollective intelligence. We create prediction markets for our customers on all continents.

We hold this truth to be self-evident that intelligence is always collective, that all truly intelligent systems, be they artificial or cerebral, consolidate the input of many.

We know that all opinions count and deserve to be heard, that the worst enemy of intelligence isn’t crowds but conformity; that wisdom’s best friend isn’t isolation but diversity.

We believe that intelligence in the 21st century will not be artificial only, that a single human brain is still the most powerful computer in the world, and that there’s no known limit to what can be achieved by a properly-organized multitude of minds.

We call that “supercollective intelligence”. Since 2000, we are on a mission to empower large organizations, companies, and governments with it.

Because the world won’t get better until we get smarter, together.