Hypermind customers in their own words

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers think about Hypermind.

Hypermind helps you get support for a new strategy

“We couldn’t have involved hundreds of our members from around the country any other way. As a result of their participation, the support for our new strategy has been exceptional. And the trove of information generated by the project keeps generating dividends and sparking creativity around here.”

Executive Director

Hypermind helps break down silos and promote alignment

“The process created a breakthrough in cross-company thinking, collaboration and alignment that has produced actionable innovation and strong support for our Synergy Initiative.”

Global Marketing Leader

Hypermind provides actionable results fast

“It would have taken us many months to gather and prioritize this much information otherwise. Participants were enthusiastic and the executive team had strong buy-in to the resulting strategic initiatives. It was a very successful project.”

Senior Vice president, Marketing & Business Transformation

Hypermind energizes your creative teams

“We have been trying to find different ways to inspire our young scientists and engineers to come up with new ideas … This project allowed us to energize this workforce.”

Deputy Director, Innovation & Rapid Reaction

Hypermind means better ideation

“Compared to polling people, this significantly improves the process of harvesting and prioritizing ideas.”

VP of Emerging Technologies

Hypermind is pragmatic and results-oriented

“The participants appreciated that the selection was based on their choices. Your system is a good fit to our business culture: very pragmatic, geared towards results and efficiency.”

Directeur Business Development
Division Innovation and E-Services

Hypermind offers valuable support for your sales force

“The competitive forecasts, coupled with those from other models and market intelligence data, provide a valuable input in defining the commercial policy in the coming quarters.”

Senior Manager of Market Intelligence

Hypermind is great partner

“We have enjoyed working with the team delivering a forecasting system to Fonterra. Fonterra has repeatedly expressed its satisfaction with the results produced.”

Viclink: Victoria University, New Zealand”

Hypermind is high quality

“First-rate quality in both consulting and software.”

Principal Software Programmer

Hypermind is very customer-oriented

“The team is very customer-oriented and is able to listen to me and translate my thoughts and requests into tangible results. They are very responsive; they have consistently flexed and adapted to any new parameters and ideas that I may bring to them.”

Manager, Global Customer Solutions