Hypermind launches the Prescience 2020 Challenge

The great pandemic of 2020 has created an epic amount of uncertainty in many markets. The data and trusted forecasting models of the past have suddenly become much less useful. So companies are turning to the collective intelligence of Hypermind’s panel of champion forecasters.

We just launched the Prescience 2020 Challenge, a 9 months-long, $5,300 contest in which hundreds of our champion forecasters compete to predict the worldwide quarterly and yearly sales of cars, TVs, phones, and more. Their consolidated forecasts will help guide our clients’ strategic and commercial decisions.

The challenge is powered by the new Hypermind Prescience platform, the state of the art in collective forecasting. It uses technology and algorithms we developed through our multi-year participation in several IARPA research programs.

All those who think they have what it takes to be champion forecasters are welcome to join the Hypermind prediction market panel and participate in all our prediction contests.