Augmented brainstorming

There's a more productive way than post it notes and in person workshops.

Effortlessly uncover your team's most promising ideas thanks to the science of collective intelligence.

Sharper ideas, clearer priorities, bigger buy-in.

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Without Storm​

  • Sluggish and frustrating brainstorming sessions
  • messy heaps of post it notes
  • a vocal minority dominates the conversation
  • fuzzy next steps.

With Storm

  • Lighting fast sessions
  • hundreds of ideas in minutes
  • everyone gets involved
  • crystal clear priorities
  • aligned teams on priorities and next steps.

4 reasons traditional brainstorming fails

Slow and frustrating process

When 30 people read out their contributions one by one, brainstorming can feel tediously linear.

Unfair and biased

The loudest and most opinionated voices often drown out everyone else. People self censor, valuable ideas get lost, everyone ends up frustrated.

Unproductive and dull

When many people are involved, it's tempting to piggy back and contribute less, or nothing at all. When there's no accountability, your team loses interest.

Fuzzy next steps

You've gathered many ideas, but what now ? Making sense of it all is a slow grind without a clear method to identify promising ideas.

More ideas, smarter ranking, clearer takeaways

Get the most out of your team's collective brainpower

Generate more ideas, faster

The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of ideas. Increase your chances of a breakthrough by getting everyone to do their thinking at the same time.

Identify promising and consensual ideas

End the grind of sifting through heaps of ideas on your own.
Get your team to sort ideas for you by shifting their mindset from preference to bets.

Make change frictionless

because the idea sorting process is transparent, fair, and inclusive, everyone aligns on the most promising solutions and implements them.

Crystal clear takeaways

At the end of a Storm session, your team leaves with a prioritized list of ideas according to various criteria.

Collect ideas from large groups

Whether you're working with a 10 person team or managing a company wide consultation, Storm consistently helps you generate and identify ideas whatever the size of the group.

To filter ideas, participants put themselves in the shoes of the decision maker and bet tokens on the most and least promising ideas

Let the crowd identify promising ideas with Storm’s unique prioritization method

Storm helps our clients

gather ideas efficiently

Identify valuable ideas

Increase team buy-in

“We couldn’t have involved hundreds of our members from around the country any other way.
As a result of their participation, the support for our new strategy has been exceptional. And the trove of information generated by the project keeps generating dividends and sparking creativity around here.”
Executive Director
“The process created a breakthrough in cross-company thinking, collaboration and alignment that has produced actionable innovation and strong support for our Synergy Initiative.”
Global Marketing Leader
It would have taken us many months to gather and prioritize this much information otherwise.
Participants were enthusiastic and the executive team had strong buy-in to the resulting strategic initiatives. It was a very successful project.”
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Senior Vice president, Marketing & Business Transformation

Find promising ideas, effortelessly

Reliably identify the most viable solutions with our evidence-based prioritization method

To filter ideas, participants put themselves in the shoes of the decision maker and bet tokens on the most and least promising ideas

Thinking in bets

Rather than asking for preferences, Storm promotes a betting mindset where your team rates an idea's overall priority level.
Betting gets your brain to think more clearly about the future.

Collective brainpower idea filtering

Separate the wheat form the chaff. Recent cognitive science research suggests a faster and more reliable way for teams to evaluate ideas : eliminate bad ideas first, then bet on what could work.

Get a 360 view of problems and solutions

The combined opinions of many different participants produce a more complete picture of viable and unrealistic ideas, especially when expressed as bets.

Uncover valuable ideas in just 2 steps

Step 1


Step 2



Crafting a product strategy by collecting ideas from 5000 engineers

Specialized in connectivity, Molex has been using Storm every 18 months since 2012.

During each cycle, Molex harvests new product ideas from more than 5,000 engineers across their laboratories and factories in the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea.

By involving everyone in the ideation process, Molex helps ensures the entire company is on board with new product strategies going forward.

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How including 2000 junior staff in the innovation process improved drones and radar systems

Rather than relying solely on the ideas proposed by industrial partners or senior staff, the US Air Force encouraged its youngest geeks to propose innovative projects.

The United States Air Force’s Rapid Reaction Innovation Team (RRIT) used Storm to collect and prioritize the ideas of 2,000 junior engineers at its research lab.

The result? Better drone cameras and a new, much more sensitive radar system.

“We have been trying to find different ways to inspire our young scientists and engineers to come up with new ideas … This project allowed us to energize this workforce.”

Storm helps you anticipate threats opportunities conflicts assumptions

Align your team and create buy in

Because the sorting process is transparent and fair, everyone aligns wen it comes to applying priority ideas. When everyone knows they had a voice and can see where their colleagues agree, change happens.

Pinpoint consensus and disagreement

Get hard data on which ideas your team believes are promising, which ideas will fail, and which ideas spark controversy.

Pinpoint where your team disagrees and why
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3 ways EDF uses Storm:

1. To anticipate problems in complex projects

2. To craft an inclusive company vision

3. To generate innovative solutions to the energy crisis

This method makes it possible to quantify transformation, to identify controversial issues and to surface collective needs that traditional approaches, even participatory ones, do not always allow to capture or factualize adequately.

This innovative collective intelligence approach is therefore a particularly powerful tool for defining priorities, leading change and anticipating difficulties.

Seamless sessions, in-depth reporting

Track users' progress during the brainstorming session and generate clean prioritized lists of ideas for reporting, all from one place.

A safe place for ideas to flourish

We designed out platform to encourage participants to express their views freely and constructively, so no brainpower goes to waste.

To learn more or schedule a demo. We’ll answer any question you have.