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Hypermind helps launch the School of Collective Intelligence at UM6P, in partnership with MIT, New York University, and researchers from the École Normale Supérieure in Paris.

A new School of Collective Intelligence was recently created at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) by Lex Paulson, at the invitation of the visionary president of OCP, Mostafa Terrab. With the means to match its ambition, the School aims to become a center of excellence for both teaching and fundamental research in the new interdisciplinary science of collective intelligence.

Lex Paulson, founding president of UM6P School of Collective Intelligence, lectures its first students on political philosophy.

Starting this Fall, the School will offer Executive Masters designed for senior or mid-career professionals interested in building collective intelligence within their organizations, It will also offer a five-year doctoral program, the first of its kind in the world, integrating two years of masters-level classes with an intensive research apprenticeship meant to encourage groundbreaking discovery. 

Brent Strickland, an American cognitive scientist affiliated with the Institut Jean Nicod at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, is the School’s brilliant scientific director. A magnet for other top talent such as Hugo Mercier, Mark Klein, Nawal AboubHady Ba, Pascal Boyer, Ikram Chairi, and many other, including Hypermind’s own Emile Servan-Schreiber.  

On the UM6P campus on the spring of 2019, celebrating the launch of the School of Collective Intelligence. From left to right: Brent Strickland (scientific director), Thomas Malone (MIT Center for Collective Intelligence), and Emile Servan-Schreiber (Hypermind)


In collaboration with the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, the Gov Lab at NYU, and other elite institutions, the School will develop a cutting-edge basic research program focused on cross-cultural cognition. Understanding and harnessing the abilities of different communities’ styles of negotiation and group reasoning will be a major source of advancement in our understanding of collective intelligence.

Hypermind is happy and proud to be part of a human and intellectual adventure that fits so well with our mission. Our scientific director Emile Servan-Schreiber will regularly teach executive workshops and master-level classes in the theory and practice of the wisdom of crowds and prediction markets. He will conduct research on site and advise Ph.D. students in this exciting domain.

We will partner with the School of Collective Intelligence to deploy our prediction market platforms and know-how within leading private and governmental organizations.

We look forward to fruitful and enriching interactions with the worldwide talent gathered in the School’s unique ecosystem.

Emile Servan-Schreiber delivers a talk on prediction markets at UM6P School of Collective Intelligence.