Our solutions, your collective intelligence

Our ideation and prediction-market platforms, champion forecasting panel, and interactive workshops empower you with supercollective intelligence.

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Hypermind Storm

Our crowd-ideation platform is designed to elicit, prioritize and evaluate the highest-potential ideas to solve a problem

Hypermind Prescience

Our crowd-forecasting platform consolidates the informed guesswork of many into hard probabilities and actionable insights

Hypermind crowd

Our international panel of champion forecasters delivers the reliable predictions you need to make better decisions

Hypermind Live

Interactive keynotes and workshops with Dr. Emile Servan-Schreiber, to uncover the secrets of collective intelligence


Extract the most wisdom from your networked crowds


Harvest and filter the best ideas faster, better, cheaper 


Improve forecasting by aggregating crowd predictions in real time


Engage every mind to identify your organization’s most strategy priorities

The Hypermind difference

Our platforms, algorithms and processes reflect the state of art in the scientific understanding of collective intelligence. Our panel of champion forecasters and our world-class research scientists help you push the limits of crowd wisdom.


The Hypermind process

First we’ll help you define objectives. Then we’ll customize tools, content, communications, graphics and rewards to maximize engagement and produce results. We handle every step from training to analysis.