Four ways to benefit from supercollective intelligence

Our prediction-market platforms, expert consulting, elite forecasting panel, or world-class R&D lab empower you with supercollective intelligence.

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Our prediction-market platforms harness the wisdom of your crowds


Turnkey, end-to-end management of your collective-intelligence project


Our panel of champion forecasters help you see the future, or invent it

Our scientists and developers help you push the limits


Improve your company’s performance and profitability.


Identify and prioritize new ideas faster and better.


Crowdsource the best solutions to solve your problems.


Break down silos and align your team behind actionable ideas.


Extract insights that reveal the best strategy forward.


Get more accurate forecasts to make better decisions.

The Hypermind difference

Unlike technology vendors, we customize our solutions to your project.
Unlike traditional consultants, we field our own state-of-the-art technology.
Plus, we guarantee our work will produce actionable results.

The Hypermind process

First we’ll help you define objectives. Then we’ll customize tools, content, communications, graphics and rewards to maximize engagement and produce results. We handle every step from training to analysis.

It’s the best way to understand what Hypermind can do for your company or organization