Cloud Platforms

We set up your online prediction market or ideation platform. Your employees, customers or partners answer questions. Hypermind’s proprietary technology aggregates all the input and presents in a custom dashboard the supercollective intelligence that emerges.

Game-changing ideas to innovate. A successful reorganization or transformation. A better sense of future sales. Insight into which projects to prioritize and which to terminate.
Tap into the supercollective intelligence of your employees, you customers or your market with a Hypermind Cloud platform — just once, or regularly.

What we do

Dedicated Hypermind experts will build a program tailored to meet your objectives. Then, we will gather and analyse the data to extract accurate forecasts, insightful lessons or great ideas.

What you get

Personalized prediction dashboards. A list of actionable ideas with high potential. A deep understanding of internal consensus and divergence. And in every case, a guarantee of useful results.

Use cases :

With Hypermind, unleash the creativity of your crowd

The United States Air Force’s Rapid Reaction Innovation Team (RRIT) used a Hypermind Cloud platform to collect and prioritize the ideas of 2,000 junior engineers at its research lab. Rather than relying solely on the ideas proposed by industrial partners or senior staff, the Air Force encouraged its youngest geeks to propose innovative projects. The result? Better drone cameras and a much more sensitive new radar system.

With Hypermind, innovate more and boost buy-in

Molex, an American company specialized in connectivity, has been using a Hypermind Cloud platform since 2012. Every 18 months, Molex harvests new product ideas from more than 5,000 engineers across their laboratories and factories in the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea. By involving everyone in the ideation process, Molex helps ensures the entire company is on board with new product strategies going forward.

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