Expert Consulting

You want to tap into the supercollective intelligence of your teams and customers … but you are not sure how. Hypermind’s prediction-market experts, project leaders and management consultants are here to help.

Hypermind can support your project from the blank page to the final analysis of the intelligence gathered. We will help with your goal-setting, pre-launch communication campaigns, user interface design, data filtering & analytics and more. We can even perform an audit on your current collective intelligence processes to tell you how they might be optimized.

For more than two decades, we have been helping leading organizations on every continent get the information and insight they need to be ready for the future.

Use cases:

With Hypermind, defuse conflicts

One of our customers—a French media group—called on Hypermind Consulting to help defuse a potentially problematic situation. Management at the company wanted to reorganize schedules at call centers to better respond to customer demands. The quality of life of some employees could be quite negatively impacted. Union representatives blocked the change, and things seemed to be at a standstill. We helped the company set up a consultation of the several hundred employees involved, not just on schedules but also on a variety of other hot topics. Under the guise of anonymity, everyone could propose ideas, everyone could discuss them, and everyone could bet on each idea’s chances of being accepted by the managers. It was not a question of voting for one’s own preferences or claims, but instead of betting on what would be acceptable to all. The blocking points quickly dissolved in the face of supercollective creativity. A successful negotiation could finally begin.

It’s the best way to understand what Hypermind can do for your company or organization