Hypermind Storm

An on-line platform to optimize
your collective imagination

The biggest innovators aren’t the companies that spend the most in R&D but those that involve employees company-wide to help generate ideas. Storm lets you organize ideation challenges that solicit everyone’s creativity and alignment to your major strategic or tactical choices.

Regularly updated since 2007, validated by the latest MIT research, Storm optimizes collective intelligence at scale to harvest and prioritize more new ideas and quickly extract the best.

To ensure that the opinions of participants are most useful to decision-makers, Storm does not solicit their personal preferences (via votes or “likes”) but rather their predictions on the chances of success for each idea, with rewards for winning bets.

Playful yet powerful, intuitive and customizable, Storm offers advanced evaluation metrics, and several modules that can be sequenced in the most relevant way.




Full service solution

Do you need a full-support solution with a dedicated project manager? Our experts assist you throughout the process, from defining the forecasting questions to operating the prediction tournament, configuring aggregators and dashboards, analyzing the data and delivering insights.


Pure platform

Do you prefer autonomy and control? We’ll train you and your team to fully exploit all features of the platform. 

Prescience is delivered in SaaS mode, but can also be installed on your servers, for long-term rental or sale.

Parier sur les idées
Hypermind Storm analysis

Use cases :

With Hypermind, unleash the creativity of your crowd

The United States Air Force’s Rapid Reaction Innovation Team (RRIT) used a Hypermind Cloud platform to collect and prioritize the ideas of 2,000 junior engineers at its research lab. Rather than relying solely on the ideas proposed by industrial partners or senior staff, the Air Force encouraged its youngest geeks to propose innovative projects. The result? Better drone cameras and a much more sensitive new radar system.

With Hypermind, innovate more and boost buy-in

Molex, an American company specialized in connectivity, has been using a Hypermind Cloud platform since 2012. Every 18 months, Molex harvests new product ideas from more than 5,000 engineers across their laboratories and factories in the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea. By involving everyone in the ideation process, Molex helps ensures the entire company is on board with new product strategies going forward.