Since 2000, our team has built scores of innovative business applications based on prediction markets and the wisdom of crowds. We have collaborated and published with the best scientists in the field, from Stanford to Wharton to the Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris. You can rely on Hypermind to keep pushing the envelope.

Do you have a project to better understand the science and technology underpinning prediction markets, the wisdom of crowds, or collective intelligence? Contact us. There’s nothing our renowned R&D team likes more than to think hard about how to advance the state of the art towards practical applications that make everyone smarter.

Use cases:

With Hypermind, extract the most wisdom from a crowd

Improving the quality of geopolitical forecasts is part of the core mission of the CIA and other United States intelligence agencies. That’s why the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) funds large-scale research into crowd-based forecasting. From 2012 to 2015, Hypermind Lab’s experts in prediction markets were recruited into IARPA’s ACE research program by a team led by Philip Tetlock (University of Pennsylvania) and Don Moore (UC Berkeley). According to Jason Matheny, ACE program manager and later IARPA Director, this research led to “the largest improvement in judgmental forecasting accuracy observed in the literature.”

With Hypermind, mix collective and artificial intelligence

In 2017, IARPA launched another multi-year research program called Hybrid Forecasting Competition (HFC) aimed at understanding how to best combine human and computer forecasting abilities. Hypermind Lab’s scientists and developers are again at the forefront of that essential research, as part of a team led by Raytheon BBN Laboratories.