Forecasting Panel

Submit your questions to our elite global panel of several hundred highly qualified, multi-generational, professionally-diverse, champion forecasters. Our prediction markets consolidate their answers into hard probabilities.

The future foretold by the best of the best: an elite panel of champion forecasters.

Decades of research has shown that when it comes to predicting the future, how you think is more important than what you already know. Since 2014, we rigorously select our panel’s participants, and continuously evaluate their individual and collective success rate. While champions thrive and dilettantes fade away, the collective accuracy keeps pushing the limits.

Astonishing accuracy

Have a look at our results. This chart shows 5 years of data comparing the predictions established by 537,640 individual bets, on 1,185 possible outcomes, to the reality of events that actually happened. The correlation is almost perfect.

Use cases:

With Hypermind, invent the future

Private banking has been around for centuries, and in some ways, it is starting to show its age.
In 2015, a large international private banking firm started to wonder how to stay relevant. An internal brainstorming session generated twenty ideas for new services, new products, new types of interactions with customers. But doubts persisted: Were the ideas any good? Had they thought of all the good ideas? We helped this customer find answers (and great ideas) by submitting the question to 200 expert forecasters from our Hypermind Panel. With the supercollective intelligence our panel provided, our customer quickly eliminated the wobbly ideas and identified the best ideas from the original list—and went home with a long list of great new ideas they hadn’t had internally.

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