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Academic research with or about Hypermind

Using prediction polling to harness collective intelligence for disease forecasting

by Sell, T, Kelsey, LW,  Watson, C, Trotochaud, M, Martin, E, Ravi, SJ, Balick, M, Servan-Schreiber, E

2021 - BMC Public Health

Political uncertainty, risk of Frexit and European sovereign spreads

by Malgouyres, C, Mazet-Sonilhac, C

2017 - Applied Economics Letters

Debunking Three Myths About Crowd-Based Forecasting

by Servan-Schreiber, E

2017 - Collective Intelligence Conference, NYU Tandon

Distilling the Wisdom of Crowds: Prediction Markets versus Prediction Polls

by Atanasov, PD, Rescober, P, Stone, E, Swift, SA,  Servan-Schreiber, E, Tetlock, P, Ungar, L, Mellers, B

2016 - Management Science

Hypermind vs. Big Data: Collective Intelligence Still Dominates Electoral Forecasting

by Servan-Schreiber, E, Atanasov, PD

2015 - Collective Intelligence Conference, Santa Clara

Intelligence Is Collective

by Servan-Schreiber, E

2015 - Collective Intelligence Conference, Santa Clara

Prediction Markets: Trading Uncertainty for Collective Wisdom

by Servan-Schreiber, E

2012 - in Collective Wisdom: Principles and Mechanisms, edited by Landemore, H & Elster, J - Cambridge University Press

Betting On a Better World

by Servan-Schreiber, E

2009 - International Studies Association, Annual Meeting, New York

Macro-Markets and Environmental Futures

by Servan-Schreiber, E

2004 - The Hague Conference on Environment, Security and Sustainable Development

Prediction Markets: Does Money Matter?

by Servan-Schreiber, E, Wolfers, J, Pennock, DM, Galebach, B

2004 - Electronic Markets